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domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

TO MAKE THE PULSE, Pat Mastelotto´s interview

What were your beginnings as a musician? We referring about your relationship and love with the music. Why did you choose play the battery instead of another instrument?
I tried guitar, piano and Around age 10 went to a band camp to play French horn but teacher needed drummers and I had big hands so he placed me there… and off it went.

What are your favorite records and musicians? Why?
So many… not enough ink.

We know in 1991 you recorded as secessionist musician in Kryptonita album by Miguel Mateos. How do you know him?
He was in LA to do the record, he asked me to co produce, but he didn’t need me, he was very capable… and his brother was there and he is a VERY good drummer. . so i really didn’t do much, just helped find studios and engineers and maybe played a little drums or percussion.

And, Do you like some other Argentinean rock musician?
Fernando Kabusacki, Los Gauchos Alemanes.

In 1994. You play in a trio with King Crimson and you lived in Argentina almost a month. What (musical) memories or anecdotes do you have of that time?
Many more than I can type. After a few rehearsals we did the disco Grand Prix ( I went across and played virtual games during the day) then we moved to theater and I started to have more time so went to some fun clubs, like Roxy, and the flying pig… Drinking mate, visiting cemetery we ran into, Yes that week too.

You play in Damage an alive record in 1993, with David Sylvian and Robert Fripp. Could you please tell us about that experience?
We toured for about 5 months and recorded every show. But Damage comes from the last show at Royal Albert Hall (we played two nights)

What were the musicians that influence you most?
Ringo, Ginger Baker, Micky Waller, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Jim Keltner, Jim Gordon, James Gadson, Steve Gadd, Alphonse Moosan, Trilok Gurtu, Bill Bruford, Mike Giles, Ian Wallace, Phil Collins, Alan White, Charlei Watts, Thom Mooney, Stevie Wonder, Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney, Graig Crampf.

Do you listen some new band you like in recent year? Which ones? And Why do you like or dislike?
Yes, but I don’t remember names. I don't like that I can't remember their names!

What is your opinion about the actual rock situation? We mean about the record industry and web albums download.
It sucks.

What projects do you have in near future? Please tell us about them.
Very active with Tony in Stick Men (we are in Russia now*) Also HoBoLeMa (that’s me and Tony with Terry Bozzio and Alan Holdsworth), we first played together in Japan in 2009 and then toured Europe and America in 2010, nothing this year but we will tour more next year.
My project Tuner is almost done with our 3rd CD. It’s a 35minute composition. Very wild.
Tu with Trey Gunn has new live CD and is also recording in studio with Paul DeVillers (producer of Yes, and Mr. Mister, etc) Ktu may become active again as we have some live videos coming out.
New project is Naked Truth.Doing sessions last week for new CD from Allistar Murphy, and also Cock Robin (whom I have done many records with) and the camp that is coming-
Secuencia Inicial.-

* The interview was in 2011 July.

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